The Krieg School of Historical Fencing is a national group of clubs affiliated with the HEMA Alliance dedicated to the study of HEMA (historical European martial arts) with locations in Denver, CO and the Tampa Bay Area, FL.  We are an internationally competitive group dedicated to the study and practice of the longsword techniques described in the fight books written by medieval and Renaissance German sword masters–primarily those of Joachim Meyer and other masters in the lineage of Johannes Lichtenauer.  That lineage is called Kunst des Fechtens (KdF).   KdF covers more than just sword fighting. It is a complete art which includes things such as grappling, pole arms, and many other skills.  We also study rapier and dagger as described by Italian masters like Salvatore Fabris, Ridolfo Capoferro, and Giganti.

Our motto is Artem per certamen monstrans or, “Showing art through combat.” Our emphasis is performance under actual bouting and sparring conditions as the highest expression of the art and the truest test of skill.  No lip service or explanations needed.

We have introductory courses beginning this month. Click here to learn more. 

Are you a current student? Check out our Krieg School Student Resources Page.