Krieg School of Historical Fencing is a national group of clubs dedicated to the study of HEMA (historical European martial arts). By studying and interpreting historical manuals European fighting manuals, we seek to recreate these fighting arts as they were practiced. Our club primarily focuses on the 16th century German longsword tradition of Johannes Lichtenauer (Kunst des Fechten), the 17th century Italian rapier traditions of Ridolfo Capoferro, Nicoletto Giganti, and Salvator Fabris, and the 15th century German wrestling manual of Fabian von Auerswald.

Our motto is Artem per certamen monstrans: “Showing art through combat.” Our emphasis is performance under actual bouting and sparring conditions as the highest expression of the art and the truest test of skill.

We test our interpretations through regular practice, study of the manuals, non-cooperative sparring, and competition.