Friday Night Practice


Meg here.  Our Friday night practice held out in McFarlane Park tonight was great. The featured lessons of the night were centered on the new Purpleheart Armoury dussacks that were recently purchased by a member of the school.

I had seen these leather dussacks in action at the tournament held in Houston, TX by WMACoalition last March. However, I didn’t get a chance to personally handle them for any real length of time until tonight.  They are nicely balanced, light, very fast, and leave a nice sting that grants a good respect for the weapon when you get hit–always nice to be able to feel hits through a padded jacket or sweatshirt, after all. We spent this evening going through a number of drills, as well as the secondary cuts described in Joachim Meyer’s 1570 treatise (see the Resources page).

My favorite of the night, as always, was Plunging Cut. We also free-sparred toward the end of the night, with an emphasis on footwork and trying to embody the principle of provoker/taker/hitter. Basically put, provoker/taker/hitter is a basic concept of using 2-3 strikes or parries in succession while fighting to try to land a hit. It’s a complex and much debated subject all on its own which deserves its own post in the future. For more information, I highly suggest researching it on some of the forums listed on our research page. There has been a good deal of very thoughtful and in-depth discourse held on just this topic already, and if you have more questions, definitely feel free to ask. The thriving online community is what makes HEMA such a great and unique sport.

So, basically, tonight was a very good night. We’re looking forward to the upcoming practice on Monday night at 7 PM. Hope to see you guys there!

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