Happy Thanksgiving & Practice Times

Meg here. I want to wish you all a very happy Thanksgiving, when we meet to gather and feast as our forebears did–whether in meadhall or living room, over the epics of a skald or a football game.


Also, please note our practice schedule for the upcoming holiday week. We will be meeting tonight, Tuesday 11/23, at Highland Recreation Complex, 400 Highland Ave. Largo, Fl, for our regular practice from 7p-9p.

We will also be meeting for a Black Friday practice, from 7p-9pm at McFarlane Park in Tampa as per our regular schedule.  The park is located at the corner of W. Main St. and N. MacDill Ave. We’ll be meeting near the tennis courts, and I may even have some goodies along for us to celebrate the holiday.

That being said, I wish all our fellow Krieg School students, fellow HEMA practitioners, friends, and family a safe and happy holiday. Be well, and if you’re flying, make sure you the TSA employee at least buys you a drink before they pat you down. 😉

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