Important update: Required Equipment List

To ensure a safe and fair learning experience for everyone, we will be requiring the following gear as a minimum for anyone wishing to participate in sparring and bouting starting with the first class in September:

1) Hard elbow pads

2) Hard knee pads

3) Three weapon fencing mask

4) Padded gloves 

5) For men, a cup.

6) For women, a chest protector.

This gear, as well as a neck protector and a jacket which covers all exposed skin, is generally required for tournaments and events in the larger HEMA community–so it’s all good equipment to own.

Equipment Recommendations


Acceptable: Absolute Fencing Gear model 11001

Best: Triplette #2001 FIE mask

Acceptable: Roller blade/stake board pads with hard plastic plates

Acceptable: Roller blade/stake board pads with hard plastic plates

Best: Knee Pro Ultra Flex III


Acceptable: Gait Mayhem Lacrosse Gloves

Best: Brine King Superlight Goalie

Acceptable: Shock Doctor Bioflex

Chest Protector 

Acceptable: Sword Masters Chest Guard – Econo with Straps



To facilitate smooth and productive training it is also recommended that each student provide their own waster.

Acceptable: Purpleheart Armoury Synthetic Waster Type III

Acceptable:  Rawlings Pro Line Extreme waster available from the following U.S. retailer, Purpleheart Armoury.

According to the specifications below:

Blade Type: Extreme
Blade Color: Student’s choice
Guard Color: Stainless Steel
Pommel Type: Long Standard
Pommel Color: Student’s choice
Handle Color: Student’s choice

With all that said, we look forward going strong into fall, and having an excellent fencing season.

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