Happy Holidays from Krieg School!

We’d like to wish a happy holiday season to our students, old and new, as well as our friends in the HEMA community. We hope you stay warm, eat too much, drink too much, and have a generally good time. (Hint: fencing makes for great cardio to get those holiday pounds off!)

In addition, we’ve also updated our events page with some exciting tournaments coming up through next June – including Fechtschule America and Long Point 2012.

Finally, we’d like to wish Krieg School a happy birthday. Though it started as the Tampa Fechtschule some ten years ago here in Largo, FL, Krieg School in its current iteration and focus really got started in October of 2010, when Ben Floyd took over as instructor. In that short time, our student base has grown, our contact with the community has exploded, and Krieg School has generally flourished in a way it never has before. So thanks to all the awesome people we’ve trained with at various events and workshops, to our friends in the HEMA community, and most especially our students for making this a great and productive year.  We can’t wait to see what the New Year will bring, especially with the World Wide Open in Germany coming up next August. (And yes, we’ll be there.)

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