Fechtschule America 2012 Report – and Germany on the horizons!

Greetings, everyone! We hope the spring season as been good (if a little unseasonably warm) to you all. Just this week many swordsmen packed up their bags and headed home, grinning and glowing with bruises, from Fechtschule America 2012, and some Kriegers were among them. This year instructor Ben Floyd and student Gary H. headed out and enjoyed the wonderful hospitality of fellow swordsman Dakao Do while in Houston for a few days before going into the tournament. (Thanks, Dakao!)

Fechtschule America 2012 was the biggest it’s ever been this year. Fighters came from all over the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Sweden, Portugal, Belgium, Britain, Japan, and Finland to compete. Both Ben and Gary gave admirable performances, representing Krieg School well. More exciting, Ben came in 1st place in the Dussack Tournament and 2nd place in the Longsword Tournament. (Congrats to Eric Wiggins of The Ordo on his win – just aim your kicks a little higher next time!).

Below is the video of Ben’s final match with Eric. Skip to 5:25 for an awesome throw:


Which leads me to another exciting piece of news. Both Ben and I will be traveling to Germany this year to compete in the 3rd World Wide Open Longsword & Rapier Championships in Germany as part of Team America (F*ck Yeah!). We’re looking forward to seeing Europe and attending our first European tournament, and representing Krieg School overseas. More info to come, so stay tuned!

**Emphasis mine.

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