New Absolute Force International HEMA gear

A new line of HEMA-specific gear recently came out from Absolute Force International, which is a huge sign of progress for the sport, in that manufacturers are finally recognizing the need and want for HEMA specific gear. Their jacket is what I am eye-balling the most. (I will be purchasing once I have worked out sizing issues with them.) Reviews of their stuff are slowly trickling in and have been, for the most part, good. Most exciting, there’s murmurings of a prototype glove in the works that will hopefully satisfy HEMA’s needs–which would be great, as Brine stopped making their Supercrosse glove years ago, and our hands are the most delicate and often-serious-injured body parts in sparring. If you’ve tried the AFI gear, what do you think? Let us know!


4 thoughts on “New Absolute Force International HEMA gear

  1. My wife and mother got together in early April and ordered the AF mask, jacket and pants for me. They work well too. The foam inserts and sewn in forearm guards do an excellent job of absorbing impact and protecting some of the most painful areas and the jacket’s overall protection is good as well. The only problem is that the jacket builds up an immense amount of heat and so I prefer to use it only for heavy sparring and would prefer to switch to a lighter fencing jacket for drills. Also the foam inserts were initially a bit stiff and restrictive, but once they got broken in and I got used to the added resistance they were fine. The mask is a bit bulky, but it does a much better job of protecting the side and top of the head than do standard fencing masks.

      1. I have to agree with Neil about the mask… and add that it’s a mini-sauna. I just received the jacket for fathers day and had a minor panic attack. Based on the measurements from the AF site I needed a Large coat. The first time putting it on it felt too small but, it will actually be an EXACT fit. With that being said, I would say they run smaller… I haven’t messed with the padded inserts yet. Has anyone tried to wash this thing yet? Results?

      2. We actually had to send the one we got back. It was ordered for Meg, my wife. She needed a XL jacket to, um.. *cough*, cover her chest. Unfortunately, the forearms were then too long. The inserts wouldn’t allow her to bend her arms. We had to send it back. Apparently, that meant the Absolute company sent it to China. We’re getting it back just before we go to the WWOC in Germany in August.

        We haven’t made the conversion over to masks with rear-side protection. We need to get on that!

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