About The Club

Since Krieg School opened in 2009, our instructors have been studying, teaching, and competing in HEMA competitions around the world. View a current list of instructors below. You can view our instructors’ tournament records at the Club Achievements page.

Our Instructors


Ben Floyd is Krieg School Denver’s current head instructor. He teaches German longsword and dussack, and his favorite manual is Joachim Meyer’s 1570 Art of Combat. He started in HEMA in 2007, taking over as instructor in 2009. He’s competed in HEMA tournaments all over the world over the last seven years, bringing home top 3 medals from several major tournaments.



Tom Matthews began studying fencing in 1987 and has studied Italian rapier since the early 2000’s. His focus is primarily on Ridolfo Capoferro’s 1610 manual Great Representation of the Art and Use of Fencing. He recently has won silver and gold medals for rapier and single stick at RMK 2016 and 2017. He also runs the Adventure Education Company, a sword-fighting summer camp for children, in Boulder, CO.


Meg Godbout began studying German longsword in 2007, and became an instructor in 2011 at Krieg School, Tampa Bay. She’s studied Italian rapier since 2015, and currently teaches beginner and intermediate rapier at Krieg School, Denver. Her current focus is Nicoletto Giganti’s 1606 manual, The Sword, or the Salle. She also manages the club’s day-to-day affairs and recently came in 6th place in rapier at RMK 2017, and 2nd place in women’s longsword at CombatCon 2015.


Cody Fox has been studying German longsword and German wrestling (ringen) since he joined the club in 2015. He currently teaches intermediate longsword and ringen, and he’s focused on Fabian von Auerswald’s 1539 manual The Art of Wrestling. His recent wins include gold in middle weight ringen at RMK 2017.


Gaelen Cox began studying HEMA in 2013, when he ran a KdF study group at his university in Grand Junction, CO. He later joined Krieg School Denver in 2015 and currently teaches the Fiore longsword class. He studies German longsword, Italian rapier, and Fiore’s armizare, and his current manual focus is Fiore’s early 15th century manual The Flower of Battle. 


Tony Hillerson began studying HEMA in 2014. He joined Krieg School Denver in 2015, and currently teaches German longsword. His current manual focus is Joachim Meyer’s 1571 Art of Combat.


Sam Paskewitz is a trained classical fencer, and he currently teachers saber at Krieg School Denver, with a focus on 19th century manuals and occasional work on bayonet manuals.