Since Krieg School opened in 2009, our instructors have been studying, teaching, and competing in HEMA competitions around the world. View a current list of instructors below. You can view our instructors’ tournament records at the Club Achievements page.

Current Instructors


Our head instructor at Krieg School Denver, Ben Floyd, has been studying HEMA since 2007, with the philosophy that no matter how much you’ve learned in the art, there’s always more to know.  HEMA is very much a community brotherhood, and Ben gives back to the HEMA community by currently serving as head of the Curriculum Council for the HEMA Alliance, a 501c(3) educational non-profit organization that shares his goals of expanding and supporting the HEMA community. He has also served one term as the elected President of the organization, as well as several terms on the Governing Council.

He trains and competes regularly in national and international HEMA tournaments all over the U.S. and Europe in the pursuit of bettering his craft.  You can view Ben’s tournament record at our Club Achievements page.





Tom Matthews currently teaches Italian rapier at Krieg School Denver. He has been teaching fencing since 1987 and teaching rapier at the club since 2015. He also runs Sword Camp, an outdoors adventure camp for children, as well as teaching children’s longsword classes in Boulder, CO.







Meg Floyd has practiced HEMA since 2007. She was formerly an instructor at Krieg School Tampa Bay and is now an instructor at Krieg School Denver, where she focuses on Italian rapier and teaching beginners’ longsword. She has competed in national and international tournaments in the U.S. and Europe, as well as serving consecutive terms on the Governing Council of the HEMA Alliance from 2015-2017. Additionally she founded and runs the main HEMA news organization, HEMA News, as well as creating the HEMA Heroes Trading Cards.






Craig Shukas is an instructor at Krieg School Tampa Bay. He has been with the club since its initial founding as Tampa Fechtschule in 1999, and has been fencing for more than 20 years. His current passions include German longsword, rapier, and dussack.










Tim Davis teaches Italian rapier and German longsword at Krieg School Denver. He has been fencing Italian rapier since 2012 and studying longsword since 2015. His main interest currently is Lichtenauer’s longsword traditions.







Ismail Uluturk is an instructor at Krieg School Tampa Bay. He’s been studying German longsword since 2014 . He’s currently pursuing a Ph.D. in electrical engineering at the University of South Florida and his hobbies include French cooking and reading.



Rotating Instructors and Study Group Leaders





Tony Hillerson has been studying historical fencing since 2015. Like a kid in a candy shop, he can’t hold his focus very well and studies longsword in the Liechtenauer tradition (although he can totally name all the Italian poste), Italian rapier and dagger, I:33 sword and buckler, dussack and messer, and Bolognese side sword and buckler. He currently teaches longsword at Krieg School Denver.







Gaelen Cox began studying HEMA in the summer of 2013. He formed and led a KdF-focused HEMA club through his university for a year and a half before graduating and moving to Denver in January of 2015. He has since been involved with Krieg School Denver, focusing as a student on the longsword traditions of Meyer and Medel, and Italian rapier via Gigante, Fabris, and Capoferro. He currently leads the Fiore Study Group, which explores all aspects of Fiore’s armizare tradition.








Cody Fox began studying HEMA at Krieg School Denver in 2015. He is KSD’s most well-armed and well-caffeinated instructor. His currently leads the German Ringen study group, as well as teaching German longsword, with a focus on wrestling at the sword.









Sam Ross has been studying HEMA since 2015 at Krieg School Denver. He currently teaches longsword fundamentals, as well as running the Messer Study Group.










Jarrett Ebersberger studies and assists in the study of German Longsword, especially that of Joachim Meyer’s system and the other various weapons that accompany it. He joined Krieg in mid-2016 when he moved from California and has fallen in love with HEMA ever since. He currently teaches longsword fundamentals, as well as running the Meyer Longsword Study Group.