Our founding instructor and head instructor at Krieg School Denver, Ben Floyd, has been studying HEMA since 2007, with the philosophy that no matter how much you’ve learned in the art, there’s always more to know.  HEMA is very much a community brotherhood, and Ben gives back to the HEMA community by currently serving his fourth term as an elected Governing Council member for the HEMA Alliance, a 501c(3) educational non-profit organization that shares his goals of expanding and supporting the HEMA community.  He also served one term as the elected President of the organization.

He trains and competes regularly in national and international HEMA tournaments all over the U.S. and Europe in the pursuit of bettering his craft.  Ben has proven himself a competent swordsman thus far by earning recognition with the following placements in tournaments:

Rocky Mountain Krieg 2017: Rapier & Dagger – Gold
Open Longsword – Bronze

Winter Ring 2017 – Mixed Weapons Open – Bronze
Open Steel Longsword – Silver
Gladiatorial Combat – Bronze

Longpoint South 2016 – Open Steel Longsword – 3rd place Open Longsword
4th Place Overall

Longpoint 2016 – Paired Techniques – 3rd place
Intermidiate Cutting – 3rd place

Rocky Mountain Krieg 2016 – Open Steel Longsword – Silver
Open Sword & Buckler – Silver

SoCal Swordfight 2015 – Rotella/sidesword/spear – Gold
Sword & buckler – Bronze

Longpoint 2015 – Open Steel Longsword – 4th Place (Honorable Mention)

2015 Kron LA Anniversary Tournament – Singlestick (2nd), Rapier (2nd)

Longpoint 2014 – Counted Blows Invitational Longsword (Silver), Technical Excellence Award (Open Steel Longsword)

Krieges-Schule 2014 – Open Steel Longsword (4th)

2014 Spring Krieg – Open Longsword (1st)

Bay Area Renaissance Festival Fencing Competition (Veterans) 2014 – (2nd)

International Lowlands HEMA Gathering– Langes Messer (4th)

Southeast Regional Fencing Open – Longpoint Longsword (1st), First Blood Rapier (1st), Conventional Rapier and Dagger (2nd), Swordfish Longsword (3rd), Conventional Rapier (3rd), Fechtschule-inspired Longsword (3rd)

Kriegschule 2013 – Fechtschule America rules, longsword (1st)

Meyer Open 2012 – Arming sword (1st), Dussack (2nd), Longsword (3rd)

Arts of Mars World Wide Open Championships 2012 – Backsword (2nd)

Fechtschule America 2012-  Dussack (1st)  and Longsword (2nd)

Dixie Krieg 2011 Longsword (2nd)

Longpoint 2011-   Longsword (3rd)