Instructor Gary Hendrick has been active in Krieg School since 2010 and teaching since 2012. He became head instructor of Krieg School Tampa Bay in 2014. He has traveled and competed in several national tournaments in the U.S. His tournament record includes:

2014 Fall Krieg – Mixed Weapons – 2nd Place

Krieges-Schule 2014 – Open Steel Longsword (3rd), Open Synthetic Longsword (2nd), Open Dussack (1st)

2014 Spring Krieg – Longsword (2nd)

Southeast Regional Fencing Open – Swordfish Longsword (1st), Conventional Rapier (1st),  Fechtschule-inspired Longsword (2nd), Longpoint Longsword (3rd)

Kriegschule 2013: Franco-Belgian Longsword – 1st Place