Instructor Andrew Weems has been actively studying the Renaissance martial arts since 2007, when he began training as a member of the ARMA in Austin, TX.  After moving to Colorado to pursue his Ph.D. in cell biology, he joined Krieg School as a co-founding member of the Denver chapter alongside Ben and Meg Floyd.  In addition to his memberships with the Krieg School and HEMAA, he is a member of the Historical Fencing Affiliates, with whom he holds the rank of Free Scholar. Though focused primarily on the longsword traditions of Johannes Lichtenauer, he equally enjoys practicing with the longsword, sword and buckler, dagger, staff, messer, and sidesword, pulling from the diverse traditions of the Walpurgis Fechtbuch, Fiore de’i Liberi, the Nuremberg Group, Phillipo di Vadi, Giacomo di Grassi, and George Silver — along (of course) with the various masters of the Liechtenauer tradition.  When teaching, he focuses primarily on the “early” Liechtenauer traditions of Sigmund ein Ringeck, the Codex Dobringer, and the Pseudo-Peter von Danzig manuals.

Competition record:

Rocky Mountain Krieg 2016

Open Sword & Buckler – 1st Place

Open Steel Longsword – 3rd Place