Tom Matthews currently teaches Italian rapier at Krieg School Denver. He has been teaching fencing since 1987 and teaching rapier at the club since 2015. He also runs Sword Camp, an outdoors adventure camp for children, as well as teaching children’s longsword classes in Boulder, CO.

His tournament record includes:

Gold – Single Rapier (Rocky Mountain Krieg 2017)

Gold – Singlestick (Rocky Mountain Krieg 2017)

2nd Place – Open Rapier & Dagger (Rocky Mountain Krieg 2016)

Technical Award – Open Rapier & Dagger (Rocky Mountain Krieg 2016)

4th Place – Open Sword & Buckler (Rocky Mountain Krieg 2016)

Bronze (Midsummer Krieg 2015)

4th Place (Fallen Leaves 2015 Longsword Tournament)