Sparring Gear

Below is a list of sparring gear we recommend purchasing, listed in order of what we think you should buy first.

1) Hard-Shell Groin Protection: This is required for men for doing anything in class, including non-cooperative drilling and sparring. They’re available at most sports retailers.

2) Fencing Mask 

Not allowed: Leon Paul Non-HEMA Masks. The mesh is too fine for longsword and will fail, resulting in lacerations and head injuries. 

3) Back of Head Protection

4) Throat Protector (Gorget) 

5) Jacket 

For longsword/saber/messer/dussack:


For rapier:


For wrestling:


6) Gloves 

For longsword:

For rapier:

Not Acceptable: Hockey gloves or lacrosse gloves of any kind. 


7) Elbows: Any hard shell elbow protection that covers the three points of the joint is sufficient, including most brands of field hockey elbow guards, available at local sports retailers. For a HEMA specific elbow guard, try these:


8) Knees 


9) Forearm Guards:  Available custom-made from the club for $10. Email Meg to know more.


10) Shins: 


11) Feders: 


12) Rapiers (Choose “Spread Tip” in options). 

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