The Krieg School of Historical Swordsmanship with locations in the Tampa Bay Area, FL and Denver, CO. Our club began in 1999 under the name of Tampa Fechtschule, and was rechristened Krieg School in 2009 when head instructor Ben Floyd took over as leader of the club. Ben and his wife Meg would later go on to open a new location in Denver, CO in 2015 with new head instructor Andrew Weems, who has since moved on to Dallas, TX to pursue his postdoctoral work and start a new HEMA club. The old Tampa Bay location is headed by instructor Craig Shukas. We are a internationally competitive group dedicated to the study and propagation of HEMA (Historical European Martial Arts). We study and practice the longsword techniques described in the fight books written by medieval and Renaissance German sword masters–primarily those of Joachim Meyer and other masters in the lineage of Johannes Lichtenauer. Since the Denver club has grown, the club also has a growing rapier and dagger program focused on the traditions of the Italian masters Capoferro, Giganti, and Fabris.

A plate from Meyer’s 1570 treatise on “The Art of Fighting”, the historical basis for what we do (minus the fluffy pants.)


Everyone is welcome to train at our club, regardless of their skin color/gender/religious beliefs/sexual orientation. All we ask is that you want to learn to swing a sword around and be eager to learn.

Our motto is Artem per certamen monstrans or, “Showing art through combat.” Our emphasis is performance under actual bouting and sparring conditions as the highest expression of the art and the truest test of skill. No lip service or explanations needed.