Interested in HEMA? Try a four-week introductory course. 

All equipment for students is provided. All you need is to show up wearing comfortable, athletic clothes.


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Below is a list of our current programs.

German Longsword


German longsword is our club’s oldest  and largest core program. We focus on studying, sparring, and competing within Kunst des Fechtens, a fencing tradition based on the manuals of Johannes Lichtenauer, who lived in the Holy Roman Empire during the late 14th or early 15th century. The club offers a progressive program that will give students the ability to master German longsword techniques in a safe environment, with plenty of opportunities for competition and non-cooperative sparring.

Introduction to Longsword: This four week course is required for all new students entering the club. Here students learn basic cutting mechanics, guards, footwork, and a background of the Lichtenauer tradition.

Longsword Fundamentals: Students who have completed the Introduction to Longsword course are required to enter the Longsword Fundamentals class, where they spend time honing their blade mechanics and learning foundational techniques of the Lichtenauer tradition, such as counter-cutting, footwork, and meisterhauw. Intermediate students can benefit from attending this class by honing their techniques.

Intermediate Longsword: Once students have achieved basic proficiency in the core techniques of the Lichtenauer tradition, they move on to Intermediate Longsword, where they explore manual interpretation, sparring applications, and the more complex concepts of fighting with a longsword.


Italian Rapier


Italian rapier is our second core program of instruction at the club. We primarily focus on the rapier treatises published in the early 17th century in northern Italy, namely the works of Nicoletto Giganti, Ridolfo Capoferro, and Salvator Fabris. The club’s rapier program progressively leads the student through basic skills in the introductory class, to more advanced concepts and sparring applications in the intermediate class.

Introduction to Italian Rapier: This four week course is required for all new rapier students, or those who have never worked with manual-based instruction before. In this class students are introduced to proper footwork, guards, basic bladework, and the background of the Italian rapier tradition.

Intermediate Rapier: This ongoing course is a skills-based class where students go on to master plays from the manuals, as well as honing their technique and more advanced concepts such as feints, invitations, and using tempo.


Study Groups

The study of HEMA at its core is interpretation of primary sources (manuals) into living, breathing techniques. Many of the students and instructors at our club are interested in weapons that do not fit into our main programs. For that reason, we have study groups, which are instructor or student-led classes where a group works through a manual, creating interpretations together.

If a student wants to lead a study group, they just need to contact us at

Below is a list of our current study groups. These change occasionally, so be sure to check our schedule or back here often.


Saber Study Group

This class focuses on military saber, primarily on manuals from the 19th century. The saber study group currently meets from 8:30-10:00 PM on Thursday evenings.


Ringen Study Group


Our ringen study group studies the medieval German wrestling techniques of Fabian von Auerswald. We have a fully padded wrestling room to provide a safe and dynamic experience for students wanting to learn historical wrestling.


Italian Longsword

This class focuses the works of Fiori de Liberi’s 15th century manual, The Flower of Battle, and covers the core concepts of Armizare (grappling), dagger, and longsword.