Krieg School is back home from the World Wide Open Championship 2012!

Krieg School made a great first-time showing in our first European competition, with instructor Ben Floyd bringing home a silver medal in the back sword tournament, and webmaster-cum-student Meg Floyd bringing home a bronze medal in ladies’ longsword.

There will be a full report of winners of the tournaments, as well as our adventures in Europe, later this week. However, for now, Krieg School wants to extend a heartfelt thanks to Colin and Sandra Richards of Arts of Mars for hosting the event and extending their hospitality. It was great to see old friends again and make so many new ones.

Just for fun, here’s the video of Meg’s fight against Karin Verelst of Belgium to win third place.

And here is the video of Ben’s match against Daniel Ciupka for back sword finals.

You can check out other videos of the WWOC 2012 tournaments here on AMEK’s Youtube channel.

GoPro Hero2 is great for HEMA!

I bought this camera with high hopes of filming some fighting, striking, and all-round training type stuff.  I was served a great big dish of awesome sauce.  Here are two different fights at normal speed and at 1/8 speed.  Enjoy some good old fashioned slow-mo sword fighting!



Come out and practice sword fighting with us in Largo.  It’s worth the drive from anywhere in Tampa Bay!

New Absolute Force International HEMA gear

A new line of HEMA-specific gear recently came out from Absolute Force International, which is a huge sign of progress for the sport, in that manufacturers are finally recognizing the need and want for HEMA specific gear. Their jacket is what I am eye-balling the most. (I will be purchasing once I have worked out sizing issues with them.) Reviews of their stuff are slowly trickling in and have been, for the most part, good. Most exciting, there’s murmurings of a prototype glove in the works that will hopefully satisfy HEMA’s needs–which would be great, as Brine stopped making their Supercrosse glove years ago, and our hands are the most delicate and often-serious-injured body parts in sparring. If you’ve tried the AFI gear, what do you think? Let us know!


Fechtschule America 2012 Report – and Germany on the horizons!

Greetings, everyone! We hope the spring season as been good (if a little unseasonably warm) to you all. Just this week many swordsmen packed up their bags and headed home, grinning and glowing with bruises, from Fechtschule America 2012, and some Kriegers were among them. This year instructor Ben Floyd and student Gary H. headed out and enjoyed the wonderful hospitality of fellow swordsman Dakao Do while in Houston for a few days before going into the tournament. (Thanks, Dakao!)

Fechtschule America 2012 was the biggest it’s ever been this year. Fighters came from all over the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Sweden, Portugal, Belgium, Britain, Japan, and Finland to compete. Both Ben and Gary gave admirable performances, representing Krieg School well. More exciting, Ben came in 1st place in the Dussack Tournament and 2nd place in the Longsword Tournament. (Congrats to Eric Wiggins of The Ordo on his win – just aim your kicks a little higher next time!).

Below is the video of Ben’s final match with Eric. Skip to 5:25 for an awesome throw:


Which leads me to another exciting piece of news. Both Ben and I will be traveling to Germany this year to compete in the 3rd World Wide Open Longsword & Rapier Championships in Germany as part of Team America (F*ck Yeah!). We’re looking forward to seeing Europe and attending our first European tournament, and representing Krieg School overseas. More info to come, so stay tuned!

**Emphasis mine.

Happy Holidays from Krieg School!

We’d like to wish a happy holiday season to our students, old and new, as well as our friends in the HEMA community. We hope you stay warm, eat too much, drink too much, and have a generally good time. (Hint: fencing makes for great cardio to get those holiday pounds off!)

In addition, we’ve also updated our events page with some exciting tournaments coming up through next June – including Fechtschule America and Long Point 2012.

Finally, we’d like to wish Krieg School a happy birthday. Though it started as the Tampa Fechtschule some ten years ago here in Largo, FL, Krieg School in its current iteration and focus really got started in October of 2010, when Ben Floyd took over as instructor. In that short time, our student base has grown, our contact with the community has exploded, and Krieg School has generally flourished in a way it never has before. So thanks to all the awesome people we’ve trained with at various events and workshops, to our friends in the HEMA community, and most especially our students for making this a great and productive year.  We can’t wait to see what the New Year will bring, especially with the World Wide Open in Germany coming up next August. (And yes, we’ll be there.)

We’re going to Dixie Krieg 2011!


Instructor Ben Floyd spars MFFG member Kevin Maurer at Dixie Krieg 2010.

Hello, fellow Kriegers. This post is to announce an upcoming event in Tallahassee, Florida, hosted by our friends and neighbors, the Meyer FreiFechter Guild, and the HEMA Alliance. The event will be hosted on the weekend of Oct. 8-9, 2011.

To register, please visit the site. It is VITAL that you register early, because there is a limited amount of space for 40 fighters to participate. Exciting events include a MFFG rank prize play, a Belgian Rules tournament, and workshops taught by some of the best instructors from all over the country. There is also a requested $20 donation to offset the costs of renting the space for the weekend.

Another important point is that Oct. 8-9 is homecoming week for Florida State University, so hotel rooms are going fast. If you’re going to go, book now, or you may be stuck paying an exorbitant fee for a hotel room.

Also, please contact us as soon as possible so we can help coordinate car pooling, hotel rooms, etc. among our students. Let’s go out strong and give a good showing. This fall promises to be an exciting one.

Important update: Required Equipment List

To ensure a safe and fair learning experience for everyone, we will be requiring the following gear as a minimum for anyone wishing to participate in sparring and bouting starting with the first class in September:

1) Hard elbow pads

2) Hard knee pads

3) Three weapon fencing mask

4) Padded gloves 

5) For men, a cup.

6) For women, a chest protector.

This gear, as well as a neck protector and a jacket which covers all exposed skin, is generally required for tournaments and events in the larger HEMA community–so it’s all good equipment to own.

Equipment Recommendations


Acceptable: Absolute Fencing Gear model 11001

Best: Triplette #2001 FIE mask

Acceptable: Roller blade/stake board pads with hard plastic plates

Acceptable: Roller blade/stake board pads with hard plastic plates

Best: Knee Pro Ultra Flex III


Acceptable: Gait Mayhem Lacrosse Gloves

Best: Brine King Superlight Goalie

Acceptable: Shock Doctor Bioflex

Chest Protector 

Acceptable: Sword Masters Chest Guard – Econo with Straps



To facilitate smooth and productive training it is also recommended that each student provide their own waster.

Acceptable: Purpleheart Armoury Synthetic Waster Type III

Acceptable:  Rawlings Pro Line Extreme waster available from the following U.S. retailer, Purpleheart Armoury.

According to the specifications below:

Blade Type: Extreme
Blade Color: Student’s choice
Guard Color: Stainless Steel
Pommel Type: Long Standard
Pommel Color: Student’s choice
Handle Color: Student’s choice

With all that said, we look forward going strong into fall, and having an excellent fencing season.