Krieg School Denver Krieg School Tampa Bay
Introduction to Lichtenauer Longsword (4 Weeks)-$80

Introduction to Italian Rapier (4 Weeks)-$80 

Intermediate Classes (1 day/week)–$70/mo

Intermediate Classes (2 days/week)–$110/mo

Intermediate Classes (3 days/week)- $130/mo

Intermediate Classes (Unlimited days per week) – $150/mo 

Drop-In Class (With Instruction)–$20

Open Floor Drop-In (No Instruction)–$10

Cutting Facility Fee (No Instruction)–$5

Longsword Crash Course-$200 

Open House Fight Night – FREE and open to the public

Saturday Italian Rapier Class Drop-In–$10/class for current Krieg School students;
$15/class for members of the public (Please bring cash with you to class.) 

Drop-In Class–$6.00 resident with rec card

$7.50 non-resident with rec card

$10.50 non-resident without a rec card.